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Int3Tree (IQ+EQ+Health) Supplement

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The best investment we can make is in the lives of our children. We do whatever it takes to ensure that every day our children grow-up healthy and strong. As parent are we doing everything we can to help their brains grow strong? Are we giving them enough love, protection and nutrition for optimal development? 

Every ingredient in our int3Tree pack is carefully considered and is made from ten (10) specially selected and 100% imported from overseas (USA, Switzerland and New Zealand) ingredients that have been formulated precisely to target and assist in the development of the child or student's Intelligence (IQ), Emotion (EQ) and Physical (Health) well-being.

Stevia Extract
 Natural sweetener that can provide energy
 Lowers blood sugar levels
 Eases urination
 Lowers blood pressure
 Kills bacteria 

Dark Chocolate
 Lowers blood pressure
 Increases blood flow to the brain
 Improves cognitive function
 Elevates positive feelings and mood
 Anti-cancer

Cocoa powder
 Brings happy moods and feelings
 Prevents heart disease
 Lowers blood pressure and cholesterol
 Anti-depression 

Acai Berry Extract
 Provides intelligence and energy
 Antioxidant
 Anti-cancer and maintains cardiac function
 Improves digestive function
 Increases the power of thought

 Energy source in the body
 Restores and revitalizes the brain
 Maintains cells in the body (organs)
 Helps to improve the absorption of nutrients
 Increases and improves circulation 

 Protects eyes from excessive light exposure
 Prevents cataracts
 Strengthens the retina
 Reduces eye fatigue
 Maintains and protects eyes

 Good for brain development
 Maintains against heart disease, high blood pressure, migraine
and headaches and headaches
 Good for the eyes and vision
 Helps to overcome and reduce stress / strain 

Mint Powder
 Relieves abdominal muscles and stomach pains
 Helps in digestion
 Relieves flatulence and gastric pains
 Overcomes fever and prevents it
 Stimulates the production of natural sweat

Skimmed Milk
 Provides calcium to the body especially in children
 Strengthens teeth and bones
 Controls weight, cholesterol levels and heart functions
 Provides high level of protein
 Promotes bone formation

Vitamin B-Complex
 Heals wounds quickly
 Healthy muscles, nerves and heart
 Supports immunity system
 Prevent migraine and headaches
 Provides energy

Investing in your child's development is even more valuable than you might think. We would be honoured to be your partner in providing your child with the nutritional well-being they deserve!

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