Between your lactation cookies and lactation brownies, which one works best?

The lactogenic ingredients in both of them are completely different and it works differently for different bodies. I honestly would say, some mommies find the cookies work better, some would find the brownies are their milk booster and some feel a combination of both work wonders for them! And of course, a few mommies did not find any of the treats improve their supply - I cannot deny that. If you cannot decide, I suggest go for one of the cookies first.


What is the recommended intake?

For the first 3 days, eat 3-4 pieces daily followed by a tall glass of water after each piece. After 3 days, eat 1-2 pieces daily for maintenance. Eating more than this recommended intake would not pose a problem. I also recommend to finish the cookies or brownies first before starting the other, to see which one would work better for you. 


Are your treats very sweet?

I can consider my treats are pretty healthy with an abundant dose of fibre for the cookies, and superfood ingredient in the brownies. I only add about half of a cup of brown sugar in every bag of treats.

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