MaMom Milk Booster FAQs

When is the most suitable time for pregnant women consume MaMom?
Recommended to start as early as 6 months into the pregnancy and consume 1 tablet a day. At 9 months to consume 2 tablets once every day consistently.

What is the function of MaMom?
MaMom is used to promote milk production.

Who is not encouraged to consume MaMom?

a. Mothers who are currently on any form of doctors medication, contraceptives in the form of pills, injections or implants.

b. Pregnant women who are less than 6 months into the pregnancy.

What are the benefits of MaMom, other than promoting an increase in milk supply?
MaMom also serves as a food supplement, avoid hunger pangs for mothers, thickens milk supply as well as gives more energy to the mother.

Can a pregnant mother who is still nursing consume MaMom?
Only recommended once the mother reaches her 3rd trimester i.e. 6 months onwards.

Can MaMom be consumed together with other herbal supplements (e.g. JAMU)?
Yes. Only to keep a 2-3 hours gap between the time of intake. After 1 week of no significant effects, we would suggest to temporarily stop the consumption of the other supplement and to focus solely on MaMom to enjoy its benefit fully.

How long will one be able to see results?
Effects has been proved visible as early as the consumption of 2 tablets or after 2 days of use, still depending on individuals.

Can a mother to a baby with G6PD allowed to consume MaMom?
It is encouraged for the mother to avoid MaMom, to avoid any complications.

Can the mother to a baby suffering from Jaundice consume MaMom? 

MaMom is highly recommended for mothers who's baby is suffering from Jaundice as the nutrients in breastmilk helps cure Jaundice in babies.

Can MaMom be consumed during menstruation (menses)? 


 What are the side effects of MaMom? 

MaMom is safe for consumption, contains no chemicals and ingredients that will cause any side effects.  

Will my supply dry out if I stop consuming MaMom? 

This depends on individuals.  Humans has different body hormones. Nutrition is one of the key factors that contributes to low supply.  If supply dries after consuming MaMom, mothers can start consuming MaMom again consistently. 

I have stopped breastfeeding for quite some time, will I be able to relactate and increase my supply again? 

Yes.  Though it may take longer to see the effects of MaMom.  Do still follow the principle of demand and supply and do not give up. 

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